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"All that we see, or seem to see, is nothing but a dream within a dream" - Edgar A. Poe



This post right here is dedicated to Zulay, for being who she's been during my time knowing her. Just wanted to speak on a few things that I've witnessed, and have these words be solidified on this digital wall.

As someone who has a twin brother, I can honestly say there isn't anythin closer than the bond between two siblings. As we go through life, we all reach a point where we have to find our own individuality. It doesn't always happen, an established closeness. But when it does, it's really dope to witness.

Since having the chance to watch how you build and support your sis, on multiple occasions, I can't help but imagine a time in the near future when y'all are finally kicking back, enjoying the fruits of your labor. But more to the point, you've been holding up despite dealing with a really heavy loss. I've yet to see it break you, and I just want you to know, that it takes a lost of strength to carry on the way you do. It takes a lot to smile, feel me? So not for nothing, I hope you know that we see you, and appreciate you for everything you do (and been doing). Always a pleasure building around you, and I'm really looking forward to everything built during your life's journey. Remain limitless, keep your chin up, and know you got quality people in your corner. One love, and salute to a real one. Stay recklessly ambitious.