Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
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"All that we see, or seem to see, is nothing but a dream within a dream" - Edgar A. Poe



I want to take a second to speak on the Lizzy, the activist Vellie Vel, the artist Vel The Wonder. If there's one thing time is a good at doing, it's watching destinies play out.

Way back, almost a decade ago, one of the first things you said to me was "Whatever I do, I want to make sure I do it for the people. That I represent the people". Fast forward all these years, and your actions are still speaking louder than any words could ever do. It's dope kiddo, and respected.

You, with the help Sista Eyerie and Venus, really pulled off something something special. Not to mention your bike was cold as fuck, but that's another conversation. You called yourself an "artist" when you were speaking today, but you're so much more than that. You've always been more than just that. So keep shining, keep living in your truth, and keep being a voice for the people. In life, we're judged by our body of work. And your efforts are appreciated. Keep moving with love, and you know I gotchu. Looking forward to the next.

One of the dopest things to process, during the ride out protest, was knowing that the entire event was orchestrated by some really awesome women of color. I want to reflect on that for a second, and reflect on some of the powerful things said during the ride.

To Sista Eyerie, goddess, your words (unscripted) gave a beautiful translation to the voice and goals of what we were / are all aiming accomplish. Your unfiltered spirit and leadership played a great role in keepin' everybody motivated and seen. You are a appreciated!

To Venus, goddess, a mastermind in many ways. Quiet and observant, and extremely powerful as a woman and human being. Your actions yesterday were bold, and your endurance during the ride, carrying the speaker box, was dope to bare witness to. Know that you are appreciated, surely and truly!

To Lucy B, goddess, quite the renegade rebellious. Your passion and follow through, with regards to this event and previous protest is admirable to say the least. Your commitment to learning more, and doing more, is always something I feel you don't give yourself enough credit on. Your voice, a sleeping giant. Even without the megaphone, you lead the group in chants throughout the entire ride. You are appreciated, and vital to this movements.

To Vel, goddess, passionate and steady standing in all that you believe in. Your leadership yesterday was a testament to autonomy and independence as a human being in this world. You stayed in the front of the ride the entire ride, stopping in the middle of intersections until everyone made it through. Your ability to delegate, and acknowledge everyone's strengths and weakness, also played a major role in yesterday's ride.

All of you, goddesses, powerful women of color. Who without, yesterday could not have happened. So one last time, that you for everything yall do. You are all needed, and appreciated. Keep moving with love, and keep the fire burning for those who haven't found their own. See y'all at the next one.