Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
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"All that we see, or seem to see, is nothing but a dream within a dream" - Edgar A. Poe



Last week, I spoke about living in "Year One". How 2020 was a beautiful opportunity for internal growth, regardless of what you were going through. The world had stopped, and for a brief moment, a lot of folks were disconnected from the simulation. Yea, there were a lot of ups and downs, but that's what's makes life entertaining in the first place. You can't enjoy the good, until you've walked through the bad. So with it being the top of a new cycle, I wanted to speak on a manifestation that I've been working on, THE TPOLAW TRILOGY.

There's no time limit when it comes to the arts, or the poetry of language. There's only the work, and the impact that work has, on those who hear its message.

Today, I began shipping out care packages to those of you who've been supporting the music throughout my time here, and it's been a really great feeling. Not only because my work has a physical form, but because that physical form was put together by my own hands. The graphics, the design, the layout, the recording (mixing and mastering), it's all been part of a vision to consolidate this trilogy into a perfect package. I'm really proud of this, and I'm hoping all of you will be as well. Aside from the images here, there are also custom labeled CDs, as well as a unique poster on the back of his booklet. The music dope, and the features are just as amazing. Love to all the emcees and producers who laced me with jewels throughout the process. If you're on the project, I got a care package for you as well.

The Bonus Content: Each chapter's LP, is accompanied with an EP belonging to the same chapter. For those who may not remember, I did a three part EP series titled "Diary of The Se7en", which were in turn, incorporated into the TPOLAW TRILOGY as extended tracks to their selected chapters.

Thanks again for all the support over the years, and just know that we have some awesome visuals coming soon with the help of my brother @kwervofilms (SEKTA FAMILIA). Visit my website for more information or to place an order yourself, and y'all know the rest.