Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
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"All that we see, or seem to see, is nothing but a dream within a dream" - Edgar A. Poe




I remember a time before the internet...I know, I know. Hear me out though. I remember a time before the internet, as a youth in the 90s, where bonds and friendships were cherished with a little more weight than they are these days. Maybe it's because I come from a small town, and these big cities (and the people in them) just aren't interested in the human experience anymore. But I remember those days; memorizing phone numbers, being outside with no real sense of direction or motivation outside of living in the day, cherishing those around you for every moment that you had them. I'm 32yrs old at the time of writing this, and I'm excited to get back to the days before negative effects of social media. I want to get back to embracing distance between loved ones, not knowing what people are doing every second of their lives, and feeling a genuine sense of joy and interest, when being updated on their life's journey. In a lot of ways, social media has robbed us of that. It's robbed me of denial regarding friendships, where the space between would allow me not to care so much about their day to day annoyances. Perhaps that's a good thing, who really knows, right?

The point that I'm trying to make here, and the entire purpose of this journal and post, is to let all of you know that I'm taking a huge step away from social media indefinitely. I can definitely see myself sharing a few stories on Instagram (from time to time and what not), but the overall environment, especially for creatives like myself, is just a bit an overload. Too many filters, so much distortion, human beings hating themselves in their natural state, or begging for attention just to shew it away after their daily fix. It's all me. But I do enjoy interacting with the world, I enjoy the possibilities of everything that comes with that. At the end of the day, I'm just tired of the plastic. Tired of the hours wasted in my phone, or the constant selfies taken by those stuck in their own boredom. Everyone wants to be a superstar, or obtain some level of celebrity. Don't nobody want to just be, existing in the now.

So take it personal. Take it personal if I'm not around as much, or if I'm demanding you to physically pull up on me for a conversation. Take it personal. If I'm holding you to a standard of adulthood, and you can't seem to get your shit together (and I bounce), take it personal. Anything less than growth is waste of time and energy, and I stand by that. - VII