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"All that we see, or seem to see, is nothing but a dream within a dream" - Edgar A. Poe



We've sat back and watched this entire episode play out like bad re-run on prime time, deep down knowing what this outcome was going to look like. A White cop being found guilty of killing a Black individual, let alone a Black Woman? Naw, as beautiful as that Hail Mary looked, we knew there wasn't anyone open to catch that play. But still, again, we sat back and watched it play out, hoping for SOMETHING.

Several cops came busting into her home, without a warrant, just emptying out whatever they had in the clip. And unfortunately, in her sleep, she was hit six her sleep. Her man, also woken up by the random raid, grabbed his piece and started shooting back. Not because he was trying to hit a cop, but because he was woken up in the middle of the night to a hellstorm of bullets and smoke. THIS MAN, who wasn't doing anything but defending his own life, gets charged and convicted for shooting at the cops (who again, had no warrant or business being there in the first place). And again, we sat back, watched it play out.

Now picture this; You tell the family of Breonna Taylor, that the city is going to "award" them $12 million dollars for their grievance. You tell them that you're passing a new law in Breonna's name, so that a situation like this doesn't happen again. You even tell them that the police officer, who murdered her, is being fired. But then push comes to shove, and despite everything that was just mentioned, you have the audacity to then tell Breonna's family and the people of that city, that you aren't prosecuting all three officers for the event that night, but that the one cop who you are prosecuting, isn't even being charged for the murder that led to the city creating a new law and paying out $12 million fuckin dollars to Breonna's family in the first place! Instead, this ass backwards, Uncle Tom ass AG @danieljaycameron decides to charge the cop for *drumroll* his bullets going into Breonna's White neighbor's house. You got that right folks, the cop was charged for missing his target a few times. Charged for the bullets that didn't contribute to the murder of Breonna Taylor. And we just keep watching. #Fuck12