Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
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"All that we see, or seem to see, is nothing but a dream within a dream" - Edgar A. Poe



"I used to tell my father that he needed to color in his grey hairs, and he would tell me 'Son, not too many of us make it to see grey hairs'. That's why when mine came, I rock em out"

- Mr. Michael Anthony Coles -

Today I was blessed with Black history straight out of Pittsburgh, the timeless Mr. and Mrs. Coles. Where to begin, where to begin? I guess I should say, they don't make em like yall anymore. And while I'm extremely honored and humbled by our conversation, a part of me wishes the conversation never stopped. There were so many jewels passed down to me, so many life lessons that I was soaking in.

I want to thank you for your perspective, your wisdom, the advice given to the youth, all of it. The laughter, oh man the laughter. I would of laughed harder, but I didn't want the mic to pick me up haha. Wow, your journey so far, from poverty, music, business pursuits, love and marriage, traveling the world, fatherhood. There's so much to pull from our conversation today, and I just want to say thanks. Thank you for making that drive, and thank you for giving me the privilege of immortalizing your story. Thank you.